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About Me

I'm a curious mind, interested to understand itself. Thinking about how human minds work and who programmed them that way, makes me utterly curious. To understand the same and map it on computational basis is my passion. I find Cognition Science very captivative. I spend a lot of time observing behavior patterns of the programmed beings; correlating computers as they work by managing their computational resources and humans as we work by managing our physical-mental-emotional-psychological-mental-spiritual resources; taking open source online courses; clicking random photos and reading random stuffs. 

I love to travel; click photos; listen to audiobooks; meditate; talk about philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, programming, cosmology etc. This is my web space to reflect upon my ideas and activities,  hoping to reach like minded people.

I studied B.E. Computer Science from Manipal University, Karnataka, India. And I am currently pursuing M.E. Computer Science from Thapar University, Punjab, India with research interests in Deep Learning and Cognitive Science. In past, I worked at Oracle IDC, Hyderabad in Project Management domain. You may find my professional resume here ; and reach me here .


I get to play with software applications and am fascinated by Cognitive Science and Deep Learning.
You may check my professional endeavors, work history and resume here:

Linked In | Puneet Kumar


I get impelled about Photography, Audiobooks, Travel, Programming,
Meditation, Yoga, Cosmology, Investments, Philosophy, Psychology,
Music, Neuroscience etc. I'm always eager to meet like minded people.

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